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About K.K Vidayala :-

K.k. vidayala is belong to Mehta group of Education. K.k. vidayala Higher secondary school Durang is affiliated with the state Board of School Education which is the largest Education Board in the country. It is established 1985 in the bank of UJJ River, Near Mandli and it spread over a levish 10 Kabal picturesque landscape in Durang, it is reputed and well stablish institution with glorious legecy of 32 Gs. Of holistic excellence and thousands students on Roll.
The school offers Rich and Innovative circulum to the students from class Nursery to 12th, A part from a separate world for the toddlers. Class 11th and 12th are offered in a array of stream I.e Medical, Non medical, commerce and Humunities. K.k.Vidayala Higher secondary school Durang is one of the schools run by the Diocese of Jammu Srinagar Education society. The basic aim of our school is to impart best education for the development of the whole person through disciplined in social life.

Kindly read all the information about the school.
1) Please fill up all the particular correctly in the identity certificate and also record your specimen signature in the space.
2) Occasional remarks sent to you by the principal /vice principal or the teachers, though the notebook/message should be studied carefully and responded promptly.
3) Make sure that your child reachers the school in time and is in full, neat and smart uniform.
4) See that the child does His/Her homework daily with neatness.
5) Do not allow your child to Cary valuable article, extra money and irrelevant book's to the school.
6) Pay the school fees in time.
7) Attend parent teachers meeting, whenever informed.
8) Parents are not permitted to enter the classroom to meet their wards.
9) Lack of attention to your child from any concerned teacher or authority.
10) Class tests will be conducted by each subject teacher after completing each lesson. The subject teacher will maintain the record of each tests. Parents and Guardians are requested to check the answer sheets of your ward.

Principal Message


So you have all the facilities of the city as well a congenial at the as the city as well as a congenial atmosphere which is apt and.... read more

News :-

  • Exam start in Nursery to 7th class on 27 Feb 2017
  • Registration open Nursery to 9th for section 2017- 18 w.e.f:- 5 March 2017